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What's New in the AAAAI

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For Your Patients

Share the New Food Allergy Stages Flyers with Your Patients

Have you looked at the new Food Allergy Stages handouts that were designed to help families manage food allergies and teach children about food allergies at different developmental stages? We now have promotional flyers that you can hang in your practice to educate patients. These tools are available in both English and Spanish.

A Practice Tool to Help Your Asthma Patients with Exercise

Physical Activity and Asthma: The Movement Rx is a new practice tool that was recently added to the Practice Management drop down that will help your asthma patients keep active safely. The document will show them why they should exercise, tips for exercising, how often to exercise and provide exercise ideas.

Featured CME for Members

Learn How to Apply the NHLBI Asthma Guidelines’ Updates

Gain insight into the meaning and practical application of the 2020 asthma guidelines. We’ve added two new patient simulations to accompany our overview course – a virtual pediatric patient course and a virtual adult patient course. The overview course is available here.

Take the AAAAI’s Award-winning PIDD Course

Providing Enhanced Medical Support for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiency Disorders (PIDD): A Patient-Guided Intervention to Ensure Patient Engagement During a Global Pandemic and Beyond, won the 2023 William Campbell Felch Award for Research in Continuing Education by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions. The course series addresses gaps in knowledge and practice of PIDD.