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What Do Your Board of Directors Candidates Envision for the AAAAI?

As the leading A/I membership organization, the strength of the AAAAI can be found in the diverse background of its members and leaders. Whether clinicians, researchers or academicians, AAAAI members bring their collective and varied experience together around a common goal – advancing the A/I specialty and providing optimal patient care.
Candidates for the 2023 Board of Directors represent the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and approaches represented throughout the AAAAI community. Each has their own vision for the future of the AAAAI and the specialty.
Your At-Large Candidates
Anil Nanda, MD, FAAAAI, who is running as an At-Large candidate, said he wants to see the AAAAI’s members grow at every stage. “I plan on encouraging additional membership involvement and helping navigate members through our organization. I will advocate for innovative leadership, thus promoting the generation of new ideas from all allergists and immunologists, including those of us in community private practice,” Dr. Nanda said. He has been in community practice in the Dallas, Texas, area for 19 years and is also Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine in the Division of Allergy and Immunology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.
At-Large candidate Justin C. Greiwe, MD, FAAAAI, Partner at Bernstein Allergy Group and Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Immunology, Allergy, and Rheumatology at University of Cincinnati, said he will seek to increase the visibility of the A/I field itself. “I believe the AAAAI will continue to be the vehicle to increase our visibility and relevance,” Dr. Greiwe explained. “We are a small subspecialty with an increasingly larger footprint, and we need committed leaders who can advocate for our field now and in the future.”
Marcus S. Shaker, MD, MS, FAAAAI, is also an At-Large candidate interested in advocating for the field of A/I. He currently serves as a Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at the Dartmouth Geisel School of Medicine. “I will advocate for key interests of clinicians and patients, translating the value of the allergist/immunologist and of evidence-based care to all stakeholders and to third-party payers in particular. I have accepted this nomination to help ensure we have the resources we need to support one another and to continue to meet the needs of our patients and their families for decades to come.”
One way to ensure that patient needs are met, according to At-Large candidate Rebecca Scherzer, MD, FAAAAI, Professor of Pediatrics and A/I Section Chief at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, is by continuing to recruit top talent into the field. “My vision is to develop a comprehensive outreach program targeted at learners in undergraduate, graduate school, medical school and residency programs that extols the wonders of A/I and encourages the learners to engage more with our specialty. It is this vision that I wish to bring to the AAAAI Board of Directors, and that I hope will expand the pipeline of trainees, clinicians and researchers in A/I.”
Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Medicine at University of Chicago’s Sharmilee M. Nyenhuis, MD, FAAAAI, running as an At-Large candidate, is also interested in recruitment within the A/I specialty. “I would like to expand education and research and training opportunities for diverse populations (e.g., urban, rural, economically disadvantaged, minority) through strategic planning efforts and supporting initiatives aligned with these goals.”
Digital healthcare is top of mind for At-Large candidate Nicholas L. Rider, DO, FAAAAI, Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Allergy/Immunology at the Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine. “I want to support work already being done by the Health Informatics, Technology and Education (HITE) Committee in digital health while also developing new programs for AAAAI members and Fellows to conduct big data, epidemiologic, quality, safety and outcomes-focused research,” he explained.
AAAAI Fellows (those who have achieved the FAAAAI credential) and full members are eligible to vote in the election. Click here to learn more about all of the Board of Directors candidates and to submit your votes for the future leaders of the AAAAI. You can also download the ballot here.
All ballots must be cast online or postmarked on or before January 4, 2023, by 5:00 pm CT. Election results will be announced by email shortly after the election, and the new officers will take their positions at the 2023 AAAAI Business Meeting.