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JACI: In Practice Celebrates Ten Years of Providing Research to Clinician Readers

Editor-in-Chief Michael Schatz, MD, MS, FAAAAI, discusses where the journal started and where it’s headed
Ten years ago, The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology: In Practice (JACI: In Practice) published their first issue. Today, the journal has an Impact Factor of 11.022 compared to their first one of 5.429 in 2015, with submissions coming in from 89 different countries and reviewed by individuals across 53 different countries.
JACI: In Practice Editor-in-Chief Michael Schatz, MD, MS, FAAAAI, is incredibly proud of what the journal has accomplished over the years. “What makes me most proud is when members come up to me and say, ‘I just love JACI: In Practice.’ And these anecdotal accolades are confirmed by our recent member survey in which more than 95% of our members report being very satisfied or satisfied with the journal, and more than 82% read it regularly, more than any other journal in our field. Being an indispensable resource for our clinician members is our primary goal, and the idea that we appear to be achieving that goal is what really warms my heart.”
JACI: In Practice was developed to fill a unique niche, aiming to be a go-to journal for the practicing allergist by highlighting research that could be applied right away.
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"Our practical focus provides information our clinician readers can use on a daily basis in the care of their patients. Basic science advances may pave the way for future therapies but JACI: In Practice addresses diagnosis and treatment for the here and now.”
Michael Schatz, MD, MS, FAAAAI,
JACI: In Practice Editor-in-Chief
At inception, the journal editors focused on developing optimal processes for evaluating manuscripts as well as determining the most user-friendly ways to present them in print. “Now we’re focused on optimal dissemination of our content, including going beyond the printed page. We are also exploring new features that would be of value to our clinician readers as well as ways to increase the diversity of our authors, reviewers, and Editorial Board members,” said Dr. Schatz.
Dr. Schatz pointed to the publication’s popular Virtual Journal Club as one of the best examples of ways the journal goes beyond the written page. “It occurred to us that local in-person journal clubs fulfill a valuable need to discuss the strengths, limitations, and applicability of key published articles. As an international journal, to accomplish the same goals for our readers required a virtual approach, and we found a wonderful partner for this endeavor in the AAAAI New Allergist and Immunologist Assembly (NAIA),” he said.
In 2020, the journal also started a monthly podcast, JACI: In Practice Issue Highlights, which provides an overview of each issue’s original research in a 20 to 30 minute episode.
Dr. Schatz expressed his personal heartfelt thanks to the other members of the Editorial team this past decade. “Thank you to Robert S. Zeiger, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, Scott H. Sicherer, MD, FAAAAI, David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI, and the JACI: In Practice staff. One could not ask for a more dedicated and talented group of people, and it is this outstanding team that is responsible for our journal’s impressive accomplishments in our first 10 years. I must also thank the authors who’ve published their articles with us, our dedicated Editorial Board members, and the other 1,200 plus reviewers who have assisted us over the years.”
Dr. Schatz looks forward to continuing to develop and grow JACI: In Practice to ensure that it meets the needs of the practicing allergist. “Thank you to you, our readers and your patients, who are the inspiration for everything we do here.”
You can read the special 10 year anniversary issue here and click here to view a video that describes the growth of the journal over the past decade and what the journal offers authors, reviewers and readers. You can also learn more about the journal’s many resources on their website.