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President’s Message

Introducing the New IMPACT – Your Member Magazine
Welcome to the reimagined IMPACT! I am excited about this modern format that provides you with a brand-new approach to content. This sleek, fresh, interactive design is built on a new platform and delivers a fully optimized digital publication on whatever device you use!
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David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI
As a member of the AAAAI, you are part of an elite community that is leading the way in advancing the science, education and application of the latest in A/I care. IMPACT has been designed to highlight you, your work and the profound impact we are having on the specialty together.
I know you will be inspired by the passion and tenacity of AAAAI members Ashley Sandoval, MD, and Christine Panganiban, MD, MS, who advocated for and secured a change in the ABAI Parental Leave policy detailed in this edition’s Cover Story.
The Membership Spotlight shines on Rebecca Scherzer, MD, FAAAAI, who began her leadership journey as a mentee in the AAAAI Leadership Institute’s Mentorship Program and now serves as the Mentorship Program Director. I hope her story motivates you to begin your own leadership journey.
Laura Ann Wang, MD, a third year fellow at Children’s Hospital of Colorado in Denver, who has a keen interest in drug allergy and safety research, discusses how she is able to more fully explore these passions, particularly in relation to pregnancy and the neonatal period, by applying for the brand-new FIT VAMPSS position.
IMPACT will also continue to recognize the trailblazers in our specialty honored throughout the year. In this edition, you will meet (perhaps again) Richard F. Lockey, MD, MS, FAAAAI, the recipient of our inaugural Lifetime Contribution to the AAAAI and A/I Specialty Award.
Finally, I want to thank the members of the Communications Oversight Task Force who drew upon member feedback and worked with the Communications Team to reimagine this critical member publication. IMPACT is your member magazine. It will continue to evolve based on your feedback. Please send comments or story ideas to
David A. Khan, MD, FAAAAI AAAAI President