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In Brief

In Memory: David S. Pearlman, MD, FAAAAI
Dr. Pearlman, a pioneer in clinical research, gifted author and teacher passed away in January of 2024.
He received his Doctor of Medicine from the State University of New York at Syracuse and trained in pediatrics at the University Hospitals of Cleveland and University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, where he also had a postdoctoral fellowship in immunology. He attended the National Institute for Medical Research in London, England for a fellowship in pharmacology before returning to the University of Colorado Medical School as Director of Pediatric Allergy and Co-Director of the conjoint UCMS/National Jewish/NIH-funded conjoint fellowship in Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.
Dr. Pearlman was a co-founder of Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers in 1972, where he served as a principal investigator in the Denver Research location. During his career he participated in nearly a thousand clinical Phase I-IV pharmacotherapeutic trials, published over 150 articles and was co-author of three editions of the textbook Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology from Infancy to Adulthood.
If you wish to honor Dr. Pearlman, consider a gift to the AAAAI Foundation and David S. Pearlman, MD, FAAAAI Lectureship: Contributing to Discovery and Education.
In Memory: Vicki Modell
Co-founder of the Jeffrey Modell Foundation, Vicki Modell, passed away November 30, 2023, following decades of commitment to helping those living with primary immunodeficiency (PI) diseases.
She and her husband Fred established the Jeffrey Modell Foundation following the death of their son due to complications from PI. She was a passionate advocate, lobbying in Washington, DC and raising public awareness about PI. Her and her husband were honored with the Distinguished Layperson Award from the AAAAI in 2015.
The Jeffrey Modell Foundation advocates for newborn screening, publicizes warning signs of PI and eventually launched the Jeffrey Modell Centers Network to help meet the need for referrals and specialized centers for PI patients. The network includes 930 physicians at 415 institutions in 89 countries, spanning six continents.
Vicki Modell’s commitment to this cause has changed the lives of thousands of patients, and her legacy will allow that work to continue long into the future.
Learn How to Review for Scientific Journals
The AAAAI journals invite all FITs to participate in the FIT/Faculty Reviewer Program to assist in learning how to review for scientific journals. This experience should be helpful whether you want to pursue an academic career, where reviewing articles for journals can be part of your academic CV, or a practice career, where participation will help you to better evaluate and use the medical literature. If you wish to participate, please email with your institution, location and the name of your program director. A reviewer training webinar recording is also available to watch on-demand.
Are You Preparing for the Upcoming Certification Exam?
Preparing for your board exam? The 2022 ACAAI/AAAAI Joint Board Review Course is still available, which includes more than 30 hours of content to help you get ready. If you want the most up-to-date content, we recommend waiting for the 2024 AAAAI/ACAAI Joint Board Review Course, coming April 2024!
This fully virtual offering will have over 50 updated talks on important allergy/immunology topics. You can pre-register for the 2024 course here.