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From FIT to Emeritus, the AAAAI Community Shapes Careers

Canting Guo, MD, speaking at the 2023 NAIA Business Meeting & Reception
As she began her career, Canting Guo, MD, wasn’t sure what aspects of allergy/immunology she wanted to focus on. “I was highly interested in multiple aspects of the field of allergy and immunology – from sinusitis to immunodeficiency and from research to teaching. As a result of having diverse interests, I was undecided in the direction of my career. The AAAAI provided the opportunity to network with allergists and immunologists in academia, private practice, government and industry, which undoubtedly guided me to where I am today.”
She joined the AAAAI when she was a first-year fellow at Northwestern. Since then, her involvement within the organization has grown. She became involved with the Fellows-in-Training (FIT) Committee, which she eventually became Chair of, and is currently Chair of the New Allergist Immunologist Assembly (NAIA), which has vastly expanded her network.
Making connections is essential to a career in A/I, especially when one is starting out. “To be completely honest, as a young attending I have more questions than answers. But I was fortunate to have trained with an esteemed and knowledgeable faculty who are always happy to lend an ear and provide invaluable advice,” Dr. Guo said. “And through my involvement with AAAAI committees, I’ve connected with individuals at other institutions who tell me about their rare cases and research. Overall, I think it enriches my differential diagnosis and clinical management.”
“My favorite part about being involved in AAAAI committees is that I have the privilege of working with exceptionally talented and motivated individuals."
Canting Guo, MD

Connections like this help jumpstart collaborations that can lead to important research and resources. This past October as NAIA Chair, Dr. Guo helped organize a NAIA sponsored webinar, “Nuts and Bolts of Diagnosing and Managing Immunodeficiency,” which can be accessed here.
Paul A. Shapero, MD, FAAAAI
Connections with the AAAAI community are still a highlight for long time AAAAI members like Paul A. Shapero, MD, FAAAAI, who has been a member of the AAAAI since 1981. “The camaraderie has been very encouraging, especially for those of us in solo and small group practices,” he said. “Easy access to our academic colleagues and teachers at the Annual Meeting, and by phone or email, help us give the best care to our patients. The relationships from our AAAAI family keeps the practice of allergy stimulating, rewarding and enjoyable!”
For Dr. Shapero, AAAAI membership and the community that comes with membership helps him provide the gold standard of allergy/immunology care. “With the confidence that one is delivering the best care, it enables one to confidently present ideas and recommendations in the public forum,” he said. “One needs to reach out to educate and inform the public, which encourages good shared decision making. The current state of our very competitive health care system demands we promote our specialty and the benefits of our expanding knowledge base.”
While the opportunity to be part of the larger AAAAI community is a huge membership perk, it is far from the only one. You can learn about all of the benefits of membership and different member types here.
Already a member? Have you renewed your membership for 2024? Renewing can be done easily online. Alternatively, the administrative renewal system allows your administrative support team to renew on your behalf. Please contact Membership Services at (414) 272-6071 or email with any questions.