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Collaboration, Discovery and Innovation is at the Heart of the 2024 AAAAI Annual Meeting

Join us in Washington, DC for the 2024 AAAAI Annual Meeting, where collaboration, discovery and innovations in allergy and immunology take center stage. Come learn from and connect with renowned experts in the field, discover cutting-edge research and make connections that will last a lifetime.
“The theme of the 2024 AAAAI Annual Meeting, ‘Collaboration, Discovery, Innovation’ highlights the melding of basic, translational and clinical science that will fuel advances in our field and improve outcomes for patients,” said AAAAI Annual Meeting Program Chair, Joshua Boyce, MD, FAAAAI. “The recent advances in treatments and diagnostic strategies make it imperative that the AAAAI ensures our practicing allergists are on the cutting edge. Additionally, because further advances will increasingly require collaboration amongst clinicians and scientists, this meeting also debuts Discovery, a new initiative that will provide parallel programming in the basic sciences. This initiative aims to engage the PhD immunology community, an essential constituency to the vibrancy of our specialty.”
The AAAAI Annual Meeting is the premier allergy and immunology scientific meeting of the year, featuring the latest research and discoveries in the field. Explore new and innovative approaches to treating allergic and immunological conditions through this one-of-a-kind transformative education program.
Whether you're a medical student, fellow-in-training, or seasoned professional, the AAAAI Annual Meeting offers opportunities that cater to your specific needs and propel you to the next level of your career. Make plans to join us February 23-26, 2024 in Washington, DC.

Meet the Keynote Speaker, Laura Hel. Van Gerven, MD, PhD

Laura Hel. Van Gerven, MD, PhD
Dr. Gerven will deliver the 2024 keynote. Her keynote session, Roles of Neuronal TRP Channels in Neuroimmune Interactions: Relevance to the Allergist/Immunologist, will take place Saturday, February 24, from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm.
Since 2018, Dr. Gerven has worked as an assistant professor at KU Leuven, Belgium. Her current research is focused on the different endotypes of rhinitis and rhinosinusitis and olfactory dysfunction in COVID-19.
She graduated as a medical doctor in 2009 and as an otorhinolaryngologist in 2017 at the KU Leuven, Belgium. In 2014, she obtained a doctoral degree in biomedical sciences with a thesis on the pathophysiology of non-allergic rhinitis and completed a Fellowship in endoscopic sinus surgery and skull base surgery at the University Hospital of Barcelona, Spain. You won’t want to miss her exciting lecture!

A Preview of the 2024 Plenaries

Friday’s Presidential Plenary, Neuroimmunology: Cross Talk Between Allergy and Other Specialties, will examine the recent evidence that suggests an emerging role for neuro-immune interactions in mediating allergic and non-allergic conditions commonly managed by allergist/immunologists. “It is essential that we understand these conditions thoroughly and explore novel therapies to treat these more challenging cases,” said AAAAI President Jonathan A. Bernstein, MD, FAAAAI. “During the plenary, we will delve into various clinical disorders regulated by neuropathic pathways. The evolving science of neuroimmunology is important for better understanding how to treat difficult to manage disorders what were once considered idiopathic.”
Saturday’s plenary, Microbial Influences on Allergic Diseases: Friends and Foes, will explore the role of the microbiome in the development and maintenance of asthma and other chronic inflammatory diseases. Learn about current, cutting-edge research geared toward bringing microbiome-targeting therapies to clinic.
Sunday’s plenary, The Link Between Metabolic and Allergic Diseases, will discuss how metabolic disorders influence the development of allergic disease. Speakers will highlight specific metabolic pathways that may represent therapeutic targets for treatment of allergic diseases.
Monday’s plenary, New Insights into the Development and Treatment of Asthma, will examine the role of epigenetics in the development of asthma and new and emerging molecular targets for management and prevention.
You can preview the full 2024 program here.

Join us for the Annual AAAAI Foundation Benefit or the New Rally for A/I Research

Connect with colleagues while supporting the AAAAI Foundation’s mission of funding research that leads to the prevention and cure of asthma and allergic and immunologic disease. Join us for one or both of the AAAAI Foundation's exciting events during the 2024 AAAAI Annual Meeting.
The Annual Foundation Benefit, taking place at the Grand Hyatt Washington on February 24 from 7:00 until 10:00 pm, promises a night of fine dining and music, and of course the presentation of our 2024 Faculty Development Awards.
The new Rally for A/I Research will be held Sunday, February 25. While street closures aren't an option in Washington, DC, that doesn’t stop us from celebrating A/I research with an afternoon of camaraderie and healthy activity. This year’s Rally for A/I Research features indoor fitness activities, food and live music.

New in 2024 – Discovery

In 2024, the AAAAI is introducing a groundbreaking new program focused entirely on basic science research named “Discovery.” The three-day program will be held alongside the 2024 AAAAI Annual Meeting and will explore Type 2 Immunity in Health and Disease.
This exciting in-person event will feature cutting-edge basic science symposia focused on type 2 immune cells, pathways and diseases, presented by leading investigators. Learn more about the speakers and the sessions here.
Discovery sessions are not eligible for CME credit, and Discovery and the AAAAI Annual Meeting have separate registration fees, but discounts are applied if you attend both.