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At-Large AAAAI Board of Directors Candidates Outline Their Priorities

The AAAAI is only as strong as its members and, of course, its leadership. Now through January 5, AAAAI Fellows (those who have achieved the FAAAAI credential) and full members can place their votes for the next members of the Board of Directors. Make your voice heard by voting for the Secretary-Treasurer and three new At-Large Directors.
Candidates for the 2024 Board of Directors represent the diverse backgrounds, perspectives and approaches represented throughout the AAAAI community. All of them have unique visions about how to help the AAAAI and the A/I specialty move forward.
Anju T. Peters, MD, MSCI, FAAAAI, wants to use her diverse expertise to help the AAAAI persevere in its mission to advance the field of allergy/immunology while protecting continued human interaction, learning and collaboration. “More specifically,” she said, “I will work collectively with the AAAAI to adapt and innovate new possibilities while promoting excellence in education and research. Assisting with practice management concerns is a passion of mine, including reducing burdens such as prior authorization and improving reimbursements.” A busy clinician active in clinical research and medical education, she plans to use her experiences as a Professor of Medicine in the Division of Allergy and Immunology at Northwestern University Medical School to advocate for the future of the specialty.
Adaptation is top of mind for Joel S. Klein, MD, FAAAAI, who has been in solo practice since 2014 and works as a physician at Consultants in Allergy & Asthma Care, LLC. He believes the specialty needs to adapt to the virtual economy when it comes to approaches to treatment and business operations. “I would like to facilitate the membership's understanding of advances in technology and successful workplace efficiency by advocating for the development and marketing of webinars that focus on demonstrations of such products and methods. I would also want to increase the public’s awareness of allergic and immunologic conditions by working with elementary or secondary school systems to educate with concise age-appropriate basic webinars.”
Advances in how the field operates are also critically important to Joshua A. Boyce, MD, FAAAAI, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, who envisions increasing the visibility of the field by preparing the next generation of physicians and scientists. “Technological and therapeutic advances are moving at a rapid rate, requiring we develop a workforce of clinically trained allergists knowledgeable in basic immunology who can translate fundamental mechanistic knowledge to advance diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease in the clinic,” he said. “I will strategize with my colleagues to enhance the visibility of our specialty to potential trainees, to increase funding opportunities and career preparation for junior investigators and promote mentorship, leadership and networking opportunities for young physicians and scientists in our field.”
For Jordan S. Orange, MD, PhD, FAAAAI, a professor at Columbia University, advocating for the recognition of allergist/immunologists in the broader healthcare community would be a central goal. “I believe in the power of science and what that can equate to for improving humanity,” he said. “I believe in our scientifically-grounded field and how our expertise as allergists and immunologists links together all fields in medicine. There must be a valued place for allergist/immunologists and I would like to try to contribute to the AAAAI to ensure this is always the case. Specifically, that there be an elevated recognition of our practice, care, science and value so that our field grows to further embrace and advance the wonders that science delivers.”
Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Sujani Kakumanu, MD, FAAAAI, envisions working with the Board of Directors to develop initiatives focused on engaging members, recruiting and mentoring the next generation, as well as shaping programs that leverage member’s collective expertise in research, clinical practice, advocacy and education. “I am committed to increasing opportunities for members to engage in leadership development, physician wellness and educational programs, positioning them to become leaders within our specialty,” she said. “A vibrant and robust AAAAI is built on the foundation of its members' engagement and dedication. I am committed to steering our efforts towards creating a community that grows and strengthens our specialty.”
For Allison Ramsey, MD, FAAAAI, a physician at Rochester Regional Health and a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Rochester, generating interest in the specialty to strengthen it would be a major focus. “Education regarding A/I at all levels of medical practice is key,” she said. “We have many platforms to disseminate expertise, and, as an At-Large Director of the AAAAI, I will advocate harnessing these networks to promote awareness of A/I among medical trainees. There is also a great opportunity for collaboration with other specialties to improve patient care and research, and I plan to foster these relationships. I will work diligently for the AAAAI to help support the clinical, research and educational endeavors of members.”
Click here to learn more about all of the Board of Directors candidates and to submit your votes for the future leaders of the AAAAI. You can also download the ballot here.
All ballots must be cast online or postmarked on or before January 5 at 5:00 pm CT. Election results will be announced by email shortly after the election, and the new officers will take their positions during the 2024 AAAAI Business Meeting.