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AAAAI Leadership Forum Attendees Share Insights for Your Own Leadership Journey

Attendees at the 2022 AAAAI Leadership Forum
Joel S. Klein, MD, FAAAAI, knows what it’s like to rise to the challenge and develop leadership skills on the job. He was asked in late 2019 if he was interested in serving as the Midwest Region RSL Governor when the former leader stepped aside due to other obligations. He accepted as a way to give back to the specialty, and recently attended the AAAAI Leadership Forum to develop those skills further.
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I learned the importance of recognizing and understanding the personal characteristics of those around me in order to apply the ‘Platinum Rule’ of leadership—do unto others as they would want done to them.”
Joel S. Klein, MD, FAAAAI
The first ever AAAAI Leadership Forum was held in September in Chicago with the goal of developing core leadership competencies that would enable learners to effectively lead individuals, groups, organizations and communities more effectively. This presidential initiative of Giselle S. Mosnaim, MD, MS, FAAAAI, brought together ambassador level leaders including members of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors, journal editors, RSL governors, committee chairs and more. “We have a leadership course for new and emerging leaders, and a mentorship program for mid-career leaders. It was time to offer a program for ambassador level leaders,” said Dr. Mosnaim.
A strong theme emphasized throughout the program was that no individual needs to change who they are to be a better leader. Instead, attendees learned, leadership is about understanding who you are as a person, leading with authenticity, and making space at the table for individuals with different backgrounds and ideas to build a diverse team.
From left to right: Juanita Mora, MD, Edwin H. Kim, MD, FAAAAI, Mitchell H. Grayson, MD, FAAAAI, Priya J. Bansal, MD, FAAAAI
One of the major highlights of the event was the predictive index. Attendees completed a brief survey to better understand what motivates them, and used those results to discuss their strengths and weaknesses with other attendees.
“Another important part of the program was highlighting the ‘five photos’ philosophy,” Dr. Mosnaim explained. “When introducing yourself to a new group, the idea is to include five photos that showcase important life events. With this approach, it only takes about a minute to introduce yourself to a group in an impactful way.”
Dr. Kim has already brought the skills he learned to the UNC School of Medicine. “Learning about not only my own predictive index, but also that of others, has provided ideas that I can immediately put into action in order to improve how I communicate my ideas and, more importantly, bring out the amazing ideas of others in my group.”
More leadership events for ambassador leaders are being planned. Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available.

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Leadership starts with self-awareness. If you don’t understand yourself, and you don’t understand your strengths and weaknesses, then you’re not really in a position to move forward. This is the critical first step in each of our leadership journeys.”
Giselle S. Mosnaim, MD, MS, FAAAAI